Community Arts Space 2017

After the success of the inaugural Community Arts Space in 2016, the Gardiner once again opened its doors to community partners with two months of free programming, including hands-on workshops and original performances.

Through an open call, the Museum invited independent artists, community groups, arts organizations, and collectives to submit proposals. Four major themes emerged: accessibility, collaboration, arts-based community development, and place making.

The Gardiner’s unique history and identity is rooted in the city, but its future is increasingly shaped by rapid high-rise development. Each of the six projects that were selected contribute to the central theme of Art is Change, and considers how the city’s unique and varied local histories of art and social activism can be re-mapped for the future.

Client: The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art

Work: Full exhibition branding including outdoor signage, exhibition signage, advertising and promotional pieces. In addition to the design, I also engaged in a series of portrait sessions with the project participants.