Tara Fillion


Kent Monkman: The Rise and Fall of Civilization


The Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art


Branding and related design, including coordinating the creation of a 10' tall illuminated bison.

Kent Monkman’s site specific installation entitled The Rise and Fall of Civilization references the near extinction of the American bison in the 1800s when humans killed approximately 50 million, reducing their numbers to the hundreds. The settlers killed the bison for their pelts, wastefully leaving the meat to rot on the bone. Bison bones were then collected and used for fertilizer and bone china. The American military also sanctioned the destruction of the bison to open the West for cattle ranching, and to remove the primary food supply of the Native peoples and dispossess them of their land. The decimation of Indigenous cultures was perpetuated through the residential school and reservation systems.

KENT-BISON-DYP - web.jpg

Photography: Carmen Cheung